The Chemical Metaphor as Programming Paradigm for Organic Computing

Naoki Matsumaru (Phd student)
Peter Dittrich (PI),

All known life forms process information on a bio-molecular level. Examples are: signal processing in bacteria (e.g., chemotaxis), gene expression and morphogenesis, defense coordination and adaptation in the immune system, broadcasting information by the endocrine system, or finding a short route to a food source by an ant colony. This kind of information processing is known to be robust, self-organizing, adaptive, decentralized, asynchronous, fault-tolerant, and evolvable. Computation emerges out of an orchestrated interplay of many decentralized relatively simple components (molecules). This project will develop a theoretical and practical framework to exploit this bio-chemical information processing metaphor as a programming paradigm for organic computing. By doing so, we expect to make available a technology that allows to create computational systems with the properties of their biological counterpart.

A couple of approaches are already using the chemical metaphor (e.g., Gamma, MGS, amorphous computing, and reaction-diffusion processors), but in accordance with Conrad's tradeoff principle, programming a chemical computer appears to be difficult. Therefore, we will focus -- beside implementing a workbench for chemical computing -- on developing and evaluating different techniques of ``chemical programming''. Furthermore, we will develop analysis methods based on our chemical organization theory. Finally, we will evaluate the new techniques quantitatively and compare them to conventional approaches. As a demonstrator application domain we aim at sensor networks, systems biology, and virtual actors.

Publication (Results)

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(the following papers have been published before funding was available)

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Other Related Publication

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abstract, full work:, da.pdf


German Research Foundation (DFG) Grant Di 852/4-1, start: September 2005


Peter Dittrich
Bio Systems Analysis
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
D-07743 Jena

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