FGS5 Slides


Morning Session
St\'{e}phane Jaffard: Multifractal analysis based on the $p$-exponent
Kenneth Falconer: 60 Years of Projections
Zhen-Qing Chen: Heat kernels for non-symmetric stable-like operators
Peter Grabner: Poincar\'e functional equations, harmonic measures on Julia sets, and fractal zeta functions
Krzysztof Bara\'{n}ski: On the dimension of the graph of the classical Weierstrass function
Eugen Mihailescu: Thermodynamic formalism on a class of fractals with overlaps
Michael Barnsley: Symbolic IFS theory, fast basins and fractal manifolds
Parallel Session 1
Antoine Ayache: Harmonizable Fractional Stable Fields: Local Nondeterminism and Joint Continuity of the Local Times
Kumiko Hattori: The scaling limit of loop-erased random walks on fractals -- the erasing-larger-loop-first model and the uniform spanning trees
Katarzyna Pietruska-Paluba: Integrated density of states for Poisson perturbations of Markov processes on the Sierpi\'{n}ski gasket
Julien Hamonier: Estimation of the functional Hurst's parameter of Linear Multifractional Stable Motion by discrete variations method.
Julia Romanowska: Measure and Hausdorff dimension of randomized Weierstrass-type functions
Benjamin Steinhurst: Diffusion on non-self-similar Sierpinski carpets
Lina Wedrich: The Hausdorff dimension of the range and the graph of an operator semistable L\'evy process
Parallel Session 2
Dorothee D. Haroske: Function spaces on h-sets: traces, envelopes, embeddings
Janna Lierl: Dirichlet heat kernel estimates for diffusions on inner uniform domains
Matthias Keller: Cheeger's inequality for unbounded graph Laplacians
Henk Don: Bounds for the critical value in fractal percolation
Helena Pe\~{n}a: Polynomial eigenfunctions of an operator associated to affine IFS
Roland J. Etienne: Dirichlet eigenvalues of a measure geometric Laplacian through a modified trigonometric function and characteristic polynomials
Parallel Session 3
Victor Sirvent: Space-filling curves, expanding maps on the circle and geodesic laminations.
Tom Kempton: Measures on Slices and Equidistribution for Sets of beta-expansions.
Artemii Berlinkov: On random fractals with infinite branching: definition, measurability, dimensions
\'{A}bel Farkas: Linear images of self-similar sets with no separation condition
Changhao Chen: Projections of random covering sets
Anna Soos: Stochastic spline fractal interpolation function
Krzysztof Le\'{s}niak: Random iteration and disjunctive processes


Morning Session
Michel L. Lapidus: Fractal Zeta Functions and Complex Dimensions: A General Higher-Dimensional Theory.
Michel L. Lapidus: JFG
De-Jun Feng: Self-similar subsets of the Cantor set
Michal Rams: Entropy of Lyapunov-optimizing measures of some matrix cocycles
Yakov Pesin: Rescaling invariants of dynamical systems
Boris Solomyak: Absolutely Continuous Convolutions of Singular Measures and an Application to the Square Fibonacci Hamiltonian
Ben Hambly: Spectral asymptotics for random self-similar fractals
Parallel Session 1
Naotaka Kajino: Spectral volume measure via the Dixmier trace for Dirichlet spaces with Weyl type eigenvalue asymptotics
Daniel Kelleher: From Self Similar groups to intrinsic metrics: Vector analysis for Dirichlet forms on fractals
Joe Chen: Maxima and entropic repulsion of Gaussian free fields on fractal-like graphs
Maria Agostina Vivaldi: Regularity results for solutions in the Koch snowflake domain.
Roberto Peirone: Uniqueness of Eigenforms on Fractals
Patricia Alonso-Ruiz: Energy and Laplacian on Hanoi-type fractal quantum graphs
Raffaela Capitanelli: Reinforcement problems for fractal structures
Parallel Session 2
Balazs Barany: On invariant measures of IFSs with place-dependent probabilities and the Blackwell measure
Tuomas Sahlsten: Equidistribution modulo 1 and Fourier transforms of equilibrium states
Anthony Samuel: Intermediate $\beta$-shifts of finite type
Johannes Jaerisch: Dynamics of infinitely generated expanding semigroups of rational maps
Sascha Troscheit: Differentiability of self-conformal devil's staircases
Rüdiger Zeller: Branching dynamical systems and slices through fractals
Marc Rauch: A Variational Principle for Measurable Potentials
Parallel Session 3
Vuksan Mijovic: Multifractal zeta functions
Andrzej Stos: On measures driven by Markov chains
Samuel Nicolay: A weak local irregularity property in the $S^\nu$ spaces
C\'{e}line Esser: A new multifractal formalism based on wavelet leaders: detection of non concave and non increasing spectra (Part I)
Thomas Kleyntssens: A new multifractal formalism based on wavelet leaders: detection of non concave and non increasing spectra (Part II)
Adrien Deli\`{e}ge: A multifractal-based climate analysis
Laurent Simons: About the multifractal nature of Cantor's bijection


Morning Session
Giuseppe Savare: Calculus, transport and Heat flow in metric measure spaces
Jun Kigami: Volume doubling property, quasisymmetry and time change of Brownian motion
Klaus Mecke: Morphometry of Fractals: Scaling of Minkowski Tensors
Karoly Simon: Fractals and Complex Networks
Jonathan Fraser: Inhomogeneous iterated functions systems
Michael Hinz: $1$-forms and vector fields on fractals


Morning Session
Mark Pollicott: The Apollonian Gasket and its dimension
Pablo Shmerkin: Absolute continuity of self-similar measures
Julien Barral: Percolation on a Gibbs weighted tree
Esa and Maarit Järvenpää: Dimensions of random covering sets in torus
Zoltan Buczolich: Averages along the squares on the torus
Manuel Mor\'{a}n: Two problems on self-similar geometry
Antti Käenmäki: Dynamics of the scenery flow and geometry of measures
Parallel Session 1
Tam\'{a}s Keleti: The size of sets containing squares centered at every point
Ville Suomala: Intersection properties of spatially independent martingale measures
Xiong Jin: Projections for random self-similar measures and sets
Andrey Tetenov: Some rigidity properties of self-simiar Jordan arcs
Andr\'{a}s M\'{a}th\'{e}: Sets of large dimension not containing polynomial configurations
Tuomo Ojala: Thin and Fat sets in metric spaces
Viktor Kiss: A counterexample to the Keleti perimeter to area conjecture
Parallel Session 2
Steffen Winter: Local characterization of Minkowski contents
Erin Pearse: Fractal curvatures: tube formulas and measurability
John Rock: Box-counting zeta functions and complex dimensions
Tilman Bohl: Minkowski content and curvature measures of random self-conformal fractals
Dusan Pokorny: Scaling exponents of curvature measures
Marcel Schmidt: The Ihara zeta function for infinite graphs I
Felix Pogorzelski: The Ihara zeta function for infinite graphs II
Parallel Session 3
Grygoriy Torbin: On the Hausdorff dimension faithfulness of net coverings and fractal properties of essentially non-normal numbers
Casey Donoven: Groups of Homeomorphisms of Cantor Sets
Roman Nikiforov: On fractal phenomena connected with infinite linear IFS and properties of non-normal numbers
Mykola Lebid: On the Hausdorff dimension faithfulness and the Cantor series expansion
Henna Koivusalo: A shrinking target problem for typical affine sets
Oleksandr Slutskyi: On sharp condition for packing dimension preservation under transformations generated by random $s$-adic expansion
Irmina Herburt: On Lipschitz maps and dimension


Morning Session
Rostislav Grigorchuk: From Fractal Groups to Fractal Sets and Spectra
Ka-Sing Lau: Spectral property of self-similar sets and measures
Michael Hochman: Dimension of self-similar sets in $R^d$ (with overlaps)
Marc Kesseböhmer: On the quantization for self-affine measures on Bedford-McMullen carpets
Andr\'{a}s Telcs: The first step of the Brownian sheep
St\'{e}phane Seuret: Prescription of multifractal spectrum
Christoph Bandt: $1/f$ noise and order patterns
Parallel Session 1
Nallapu Vijender: Convex/Concave Bivariate Rational Fractal Interpolation Function
Puthan Veedu Viswanathan: A New Approach to Positivity Preserving Interpolation Using Smooth $\alpha$-Fractal Functions
Parallel Session 2
Miroslav Rypka: Basin of attraction of general IFSs
Levente Simon: The argument of Hausdorff-dimension for the representation of the strategies playing in the stochastic prisoner’s dilemma on probabilistic graphs with the Fruchterman-Reingold algorithm