Workshop on Information-Based Complexity (IBC), FoCM'02, IMA, Minneapolis, 5-7 August 2002

This is one of the 19 workshops during the conference FoCM'02 at the IMA, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA, 5-14 August 2002. The workshop will run for 3 successive afternoons during 5-7 August (Monday - Wednesday).

Workshop organizers
Plenary Speaker

  • Stefan Heinrich, Kaiserslautern: Quantum Complexity of Numerical Problems

Semiplenary Speakers

  • Fred Hickernell, Baptist University, Hong Kong: An algorithm-Driven Approach to Error Analysis for Multidimensional Integration
  • Thomas Müller-Gronbach, Darmstadt: The Complexity of Strong Approximation of SDE's
  • Ian Sloan, UNSW, Sydney: Constructive Approaches to Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods

Other Speakers

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  • Jim Calvin, Newark, NJ: Global Optimization of Smooth Univariate Functions: Average Case Analysis
  • Ronald Cools, Leuven: The Continuing Search for Lattice Rules: Exploiting Structured Matrices
  • Steven Damelin, Statesboro, GA: Asymptotic Equidistribution on $d \ge 2$ Dimensional Spheres
  • Stefan Heinrich, Kaiserslautern: Quantum Integration in Sobolev Spaces
  • Boleslaw Kacewicz, Cracow
  • Mark Kon, Boston: Density Functions for Average Case Inference
  • Marek Kwas, New York: Worst Case Complexity of Multivariate Feynman-Kac Path Integration, with Youming Li
  • Youming Li, Lexington, KY: When Can Sparse Grid Methods be Efficiently Used?
  • Peter Mathe, Berlin: Quasi-Monte Carlo Integration over R^d, with Gang Wei
  • Erich Novak, Jena: Tractability of Approximation for Weighted Korobov Spaces on Classical and Quantum Computers, with I. Sloan and H. Wozniakowski
  • Sergei Pereverzev, Kiev: Adaptive Model Selection Based on Indirect Observations Blurred by Deterministic Noise
  • Leszek Plaskota, Warsaw: Average Case Complexity of Weighted Approximation and Integration on R^d, with K. Ritter and G. W. Wasilkowski
  • Kris Sikorski, Salt Lake City: Complexity and Algorithms for Fixed Points with $l_\infty$ Norm, with S. Shellman
  • Ingo Steinwart, Jena: Sparseness of Support Vector Machines
  • Shu Tezuka, IBM Japan: On Derandomization of Randomized (0,s)-Sequences
  • Greg Wasilkowski, Lexington, KY: On Tractability of Weighted Integration over Bounded and Unbounded Regions in R^s, with F. J. Hickernell and I. H. Sloan
  • Art Werschulz, New York: Where Does Smoothness Count the Most for Fredholm Equations of the Second Kind with Noisy Information?
  • Jessie Wong Mei Ning, Hong Kong: Quasi-Monte Carlo Sampling for Computing the Trace of a Function of a Matrix
  • Henryk Wozniakowski, Columbia, NY, and Warsaw: Surface Approximation is Sometimes Easier Than Surface Integration, with A. G. Werschulz

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