SharedMeatAxe  1.0
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 CBitString_tA bit string
 Ccf_structTable of constituents
 CCfInfoConstituent data structure
 CEntry_tA group element
 Cfactor_tInternal representation of a factor
 CFPoly_tA Factored Polynomial
 CGreasedMatrix_tA greased matrix
 CGrExtractionTable_tExtraction table for greasing
 CIntMatrix_tAn Integer Matrix
 CLat_InfoModule Structure Information
 CLdLattice_tGraphical lattice representation
 CLdNode_tNode in a graphical lattice representation
 CMatRep_tA matrix representation
 CMatrix_tA matrix over a finite field
 CMatrixSet_tA set of matrices
 CMatrixSetElement_tAn element of a matrix set
 CMatrixWindow_tMatrix Window
 CMtxApplication_tApplication data
 CMtxApplicationInfo_tApplication information structure
 CMtxErrorRecord_tRun-time errors
 CMtxFile_tMeatAxe data file object
 CMtxFileInfo_tFile information
 CnodestructA submodule
 CPerm_tA Permutation
 CPoly_tA Polynomial
 CSet_tA Set of Integers
 CSpinUpInfo_tSpin-up Parameters
 CStfDataStructured text file
 CStringA dynamic string
 CTkData_tTensor condensation state
 CtPivotEntryInternal data structure
 CWgData_tWord Generator Data

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