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 User's GuideSections:
 Release Notes
 Installing the MeatAxeThis section contains some general information about the MeatAxe programs and how to use them
 Using the MeatAxe Programs: General Remarks
 Standard Command Line OptionsAll MeatAxe programs expect one or more arguments, ususally the names of input and output files
 The Lattice ProgramsThese programs are used to investigate the structure of matrix representations over finite fields
 Program IndexThis section contains a detailed description of each MeatAxe program
 cfcomp - Compare Irreducible Constituents
 chop - Find Irreducible Constituents
 decomp - Decompose a Module
 genmod - Make Submodule
 mkcycl - Find Cyclic Subspaces
 mkdotl - Find Dotted-lines
 mkgraph - Draw a Submodule Lattice
 mkhom - Homomorphisms
 mkinc - Find Mountains
 mksub - Find Submodules
 mktree - Enumerate Group Elements
 orbrep - Find a permutation which maps A to B
 precond - Precondensation of Tensor Products"
 pseudochop - Chop with known peak words
 pwkond - Peak Word Condensation
 rad - Radical Series
 soc - Socle Series
 tcond - Tensor Product Condensation
 tuc - Tensor Uncondense
 zad - Add Matrices
 zbl - Bottom Left
 zcf - Change Field
 zcl - Clean
 zcp - Characteristic Polynomial
 zct - Cut
 zcv - Convert Text to Binary Format
 zef - Echelon Form
 zev - Eigenvalues
 zfr - Frobenius Automorphism
 ziv - Invert
 zkd - Condense a Permutation
 zmo - Make Orbits
 zmu - Multiply
 zmw - Make Word
 znu - Null-Space
 zor - Order
 zpo - Power
 zpr - Print Matrices and Permutations
 zpt - Paste
 zqt - Clean and Quotient
 zro - Random Orders
 zsc - Spin-Up With Script
 zsi - Sum and Intersection
 zsy - Symmetrized Tensor Product
 zsp - Spin Up
 ztc - Trace
 zte - Tensor Product
 ztr - Transpose
 zts - Tensor Split
 zuk - Uncondense Vectors
 zvp - Vector permute
 File Conversion ProgramsThese programs are used to convert between different file formats
 zcf - Change Field
 zct - Cut
 zcv - Convert Text to Binary Format
 zpr - Print Matrices and Permutations
 zpt - Paste
 Programmer's GuideSince it was ported from FORTRAN to C in 1989 the MeatAxe has been freely available, including source code, under the terms of the GNU general public license
 Compiling and Linking with the MeatAxe LibraryTo use the MeatAxe library in your programs you need two files:

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