SharedMeatAxe  1.0
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 Application FrameworkThe MeatAxe library provides a minimal framework for applications
 Bit-String HandlingBit strings can be written to and read from files
 Module Structure
 Characteristic and Minimal Polynomials
 Error handling and messages
 Greased Matrices
 Integer Matrices
 Finite FieldsThe finite field part of the kernel provides finite field arithmetic and basic operations with vectors and matrices over finite fields
 File I/OBinary data files contain a sequence of objects
 Other Kernel Functions
 Row OperationsAll row operations at kernel level use a global row size which can be set with FfSetNoc()
 Matrices over Finite Fields
 File I/O
 Matrix Representations
 Matrix Sets
 Tensor Products
 Operating System Interface
 Sets of Integers.
 Spin-up and Split
 Text File HandlingThe MeatAxe library provides functions for input and output of data in human-readable text format
 Dynamic StringsThese functions are used to work with dynamically allocated strings
 The Word Generator
 Strassen-Winograd multiplication

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